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Michael Kofsky

Attorney at Law

I began practicing law in 1996 and have owned and operated my own law firm in West Islip, New York, for 13 years. I work with clients on a variety of business and employment law issues. Whether a client needs assistance with business formation, has a question about contractual obligations, or needs legal counsel on a complex legal matter, my goal is to provide effective legal guidance. I believe that business laws are in place to help protect business owners, and I aim to help clients best utilize those protections.
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Handling Your Assets & Property with Care

During business formation, business owners create an entity that provides them and their assets with certain legal protections while they remain in business. However, it can be difficult for even the most experienced businessman to understand the intricacies of business law. I work with my clients to see that they receive the protections they deserve from formation to dissolution. Additionally, I offer legal counsel to business owners and employees to assist New York businesses to continue to follow employment law practices.


Forming a business in Babylon, Islip, Bay Shore, and surrounding areas is a multi-step process that requires a lot of legal documentation. I work with clients to create this documentation in accordance with local and government law.


Major business transactions often pose potential liability issues for business owners.

These transactions can lead to contract disputes. My practice offers legal counsel during these business transactions to see that each party understands
its obligations.


In the event of a business dispute, I offer legal counsel to clients as part of the litigation process. I strive to maintain an in-depth understanding of business law and the reasons for a contract dispute to help my clients find an acceptable solution for those involved.

Whether you're a businessman or an employee, business and employment law provide individuals with a certain level of legal protection. I understand how important it is, no matter your relation to the company, to protect your assets, property, and business in the event of a lawsuit. As your business law attorney, I make it my mission to provide my clients with education and guidance on New York state law and federal regulations for forming, operating, and dissolving a business. I serve clients in West Islip, and the neighboring areas of Babylon, Islip, and Bay Shore.